What About Us

Production Design
Our management team and purchasing staffs are constantly sourcing and developing new fabric and accessory. Each year we schedule to visit or participate in many overseas fashion fairs in order to stay ahead of the trend.Recently more and more are being developed in domestic China.It is noticeable helpful to the customers by being cost effective in this competitive industry.

Production Development
This department composed of fabric and accessory development staffs,product merchandisers,PGM paper pattern makers and sample room supervisor.With the strong technical and fashion background,we work closely with clients and their designers to open new products and technology.The sample room has employed more than 30 unique workers to provide the sample to the customers in a timely manner.

Sale and Product Merchandiser
The management team is reinforce by our experienced and hard working merchandisers.They are capable to communicate with off-shores clients individually through conversation and e-mail.As such,the messages will be promptly and precisely pass to our other departments.

Quality Control
To start with,our QC and production team will work closely with clients to understand their needs and make sure their requirements will be properly pass to the production floor.In addition,We are maintaining a AQL 2.5 standard across the board and have our QC team to monitor the quality in beginning,interim and in final stage.

Information Technology
We are maintaining a powerful intranet,mail server,and computer paper marker system.The costing and logistic software are designed in house by our IT team to effectively serve our needs.The system is routinely upgraded and safeguarded to ensure it functions properly and away from virus activity.

Social Obligation
With the increase social awareness,our new plant and dormitory are built to meet the demanding requirements on safety,security and hygiene standard.We are fully committed to treat the workers with fairness and jindness,and abide by the international labor acts.This enduring policy is not just to keep our image but more importantly to preserve our basic core value.



Our professional sales team undertakes various types of production orders. We use Hong Kong and Foshan as bases to receive customer orders, purchase materials, product design and development, contact the production base for the final delivery of customer orders, all provide vertical integration services.
Each professional team provides individual customers with the exclusive premium services they need.

Sourcing - 10 years
Production - 8 years
Marketing - 6 years
Design - 5 years